Bio - Chef Walter Neuhold






The Austrian-born Neuhold, Chef / Proprietor of Styria Catering in Fort Collins. It is incredibly important to keep kitchen         employees “talking about food” he says. Our focus is culinary excellence through exchange of knowledge amongst our contemporaries. Impeccably turned out in chef whites-with nary a spot or crumb in view-Neuhold explained how he rose from a three-year apprenticeship at the Austrian Park Hotel in 1973 to cook virtually all over the world. Drinking a Pellegrino, Neuhold recalls how he caught the cooking bug at a very young age in Austria. Under my mother’s guidance I started to learn how to make a Wienerschnitzel or Apflestrudel. Neuhold, who’s wife a born Moddelmog, and two teenagers, worked in Los Angeles for 7 years, after cooking in such disparate spots as Turkey's Hotel Kumbaba, the Westin Chosun Hotel in South Korea, South Africa's Queen's Hotel and Pluecker International, a catering company in Basrah, Iraq. Though Neuhold may be soft-spoken, he is a no-nonsense kind of guy who has cooked for Pope John II, Queen Elizabeth and former President Ronald Reagan. Neuhold is one busy toque.

"It's hard to become a chef" Neuhold states, "but it's even harder to stay a good one. The Professional Chefs Association,  founded in 1997 by Chef myself offers continuing education to keep Chefs on top”